Our products were inspired by providing a cosmetic that subscribes to sustainablility and self-care. We believe you shouldn't have to choose one or the other.

While our core values revolve around providing a holistic, self-care experience, we actively pursue focusing on how it will impact both our customers as well as the environment at large.

More Than Lips started with 3 things:

1. An idea backed by a burning passion

Founder Jessica Longarini knew she wanted to combine her passion of self-care, animals and enviornmental sustainablity to create a product that satisfied all of these needs.

2. A lack of suitable options in the market

Most cosmetics for purchase today contain a variety of chemicals, animal by-products and testing, and/or are packaged in plastic.

3. A circle of family and friends full of trust, support and love

Every business owner will tell you, no good business starts or succeeds without the support of the ones around you.


"I started my business back in 2019 making homemade lip balm in my parent's basement with a dream of creating a lip balm that goes far beyond your lips. MTL has come a long way from simply being a vegan and eco-friendly lip product. For me, it's a lifestyle.

I always tell people that MTL is not just a lip balm, it’s a small reminder of self-care and an expression of self-love that you can take with you where ever you go."


We believe a business is nothing without its people. MTL is a family run, small (proudly) Canadian business.

Among all the people, our constant ‘team members’ have been all of YOU who have shown your support and love to us.


Over the last three years, we have consistently worked towards one of our main goals; building a brand that is accessible to all. As a small business, we take pride in displaying our product at some of the best retail chains across Canada.

Hand-poured with love...

Rest assured that every lip product is meticulously handcrafted by individuals who truly love what they do, and it shows. Each lip balm is poured with care, undergoes rigorous quality checks, and is proudly manufactured locally in Toronto, Canada.